I’m Suzy, the Director and Owner of the Pittsburgh Doula Network. With credentials as an IBCLC, DONA trained Postpartum and Birth Doula, Certified Gentle Sleep Consultant, and Infant Massage Therapist, my journey into this field was ignited by a deep-seated passion for nurturing and caring for babies.

My path to becoming an IBCLC began after years of being a devoted stay-at-home mom. Recognizing the profound impact that supportive care can have on mothers and their newborns, I became board certified in 2016. This pivotal moment inspired me to further my training as a doula, enhancing my ability to provide comprehensive support to mothers.

My work is driven by a natural empathy and instinct for nurturing, coupled with a deep-seated passion for supporting mothers and their babies. These qualities have not only shaped my professional journey but have also fueled my dedication to the families I serve.

In January 2021, I assumed leadership of the Pittsburgh Doula Network. It brings me immense joy to engage with new parents, discussing how our doulas can best support their families. I take great pride in expanding our network to meet the growing demand in Allegheny County and surrounding areas.

Heather Bradley, the Founder of Pittsburgh Doula Network, has been a driving force in the organization since its inception. Serving as the Director from 2000 to 2021, Heather has been instrumental in shaping the network’s mission and vision.

In 2017, Heather expanded her impact by launching Pittsburgh Bereavement Doulas, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing free labor doula and postpartum doula support to families experiencing perinatal loss. Her commitment to supporting families during their most challenging times underscores her dedication to compassionate care and advocacy within the birthing community.

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